Cancellation of Subscription:

Monthly Subscription
The monthly subscription can be cancelled by the user at any point of time and the user will not be charged for the next renewal cycle.

1. Yearly Subscription
In case of a yearly subscription, the subscriber cannot cancel the subscription during that year and no refund request shall be entertained.  The subscription will not be charged for the next renewal cycle.

2. Refunds

Once the payment is made, no refunds shall be issued except in case of a duplicate payment made by the user. However, refund may be issued in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the management.

3. Duplicate payment
In case of duplicate payment, you can write to with the relevant details such as Transaction IDs and Payment Method. Refund will be processed only after the information requested, if any has been provided by the user. Refund may take up to 7-10 working days.