Stuff I've worked on in the past

Some things catch the eye.
I pursue what captures the heart.

7 years ago I stumbled on an old game making engine aptly named Reality Factory. My life has never been the same since. Steamrolling through video editing and HTML/CSS to quickly mastering Javascript to excelling at Ruby/Rails and applying everything I've learned to make real world apps scale for real world users. I also write tutorials and contribute to open source software in my spare time. I'm also fascinated by the universe, the internet and the human psyche. I own two minors - One in neuroeconomics and the other in social psychology.

I enjoy the paradoxical nature of human existence and one day hope to sway the genetic dice and give the unfortunate basic education and basic rights. I'm also Founder and CEO at Jobspire and write frequently on my Blog, which you can read if you enjoy code or a random person's idle musings.

I started my career freelancing. However, the responsibilities of running a startup prevent me from actively taking up projects. However, if you'd like to get in touch for anything at all, contact me at and I'll reply if your grasp over the English language is fair.

I wish you luck, stranger.